Terry Fox Made A Decision

I want to try the impossible, to show that it can be done

Terry Fox & Bobby Orr

Terry Fox and Bobby Orr. Photo taken by David Cooper/Toronto Star in July 1980.

Those were the words of Terry Fox. That was his “Decision” He passed away this past week in 1981. Think about being 21 and having Cancer. Then think about being scared but uttering those words above. When I watch this video below and think about my life’s challenges… things kinda come in to perspective. I wonder about the ambition and hope Terry’s gift had on us Canadians at that time. How about the impact for the past 3 decades this hero has had on other counties outside of Canada? His spirit is strong beyond belief.

Surely if he could train on 1 leg and run a selfless marathon a day for 143 days for others with Cancer… I can continue to to exercise on a regular basis and live life “full out” for those in my circle. I have quite waiting for others to do it for me and also dropped out of the excuse parties and pity celebrations. I have the energy to do whatever I want. It has just taken time to tap into it… and as comfort sets in from time to time as it will… it is then I will dream bigger and drive myself harder remembering real men like Terry Fox.

This is who we should display in our homes to teach our kids about helping others, discipline, commitment and extraordinary feats. The movie stars and rock singers lifestyles that we follow on twitter and in people magazine is us escaping into nothingness. Sit your kids down one day and have them watch this… get into a conversation with them about a legend and what this means.