Muskoka Vacation

Dedication on Vacation

On the road and out of town for about 4 days I am sticking to my program. Sure I did some planning but most of all the drive to keep my goals of fitness in check are most important. Kettle Bells are easy to travel with so I threw a couple in the trunk along with 2 of my KettleWorx DVD’s and my trusty iPhone App for the 100 Push-ups Challenge of course was easy.

Golf on Vacation

Grandview Golf Club, Huntsville, ON

So yesterday I did my sets of push-ups for a total of 98 and this morning I did a Core KettleWorx session in the basement of my uncle’s house using my laptops DVD player. Then for some bonus activity I went golfing tonight for 9 holes. Tomorrow is push ups day again with some swimming in the pool here since they are calling for a super hot day.

Although I have had a few desserts I was able to make it through a dinner party with very low carb intake by not hanging around the food area. Over indulging in food and no workouts can equal coming home from even a short vacation a few pounds heavier and possibly feeling down. My goal was to keep the motivation flowing and the overall goals in check.

Today I was in the car for over an hour and stopped at a grocery store because the “chip wagons” were starting to look good and alone in the car was dangerous for me in the past. So at the grocery store stop I grabbed a small bag of nuts and some sardines. I actually grabbed a couple extras and some plastic forks thinking of future emergencies.

What have you done on vacation that worked for sticking close to your goals?

cancelling gym membership

Make A Decision – Take Action Now

Cancel Gym MembershipOK I’ve made a decision. I am cancelling my gym membership. Does that make sense for someone that needs to get into shape? Yes for me it does. I started back at the Gym recently and my workout consists of 25-30 minutes of high rep, short rest machines/weights. I hit every muscle group and normally get a basic sweat on. I love weights. Always have.

Last night my wife and I did a 20 minute workout with Kettle Bells using the KettleWorx DVD system I bought a while back and never used. That workout compared to how I have felt coming out of the gym the last few visits is no comparison. The movement and pace of this Cardio DVD with even a 10lbs kettle bell took me to the wall…our basement is like 65 degrees and we were dripping sweat. We have a 106 inch Home Theater with 7.1 Sound…so the experience is like being live in the class.

This hands down is a better workout than what I was doing on my own at the Gym. The additional good side about this decision are that I do not have to drive to the gym for only 25 min (save time), opportunity to get in shape with my wife ( save ???? ) and no monthly fee of $55 or $600 for the year. (save money) – Final one – kids get to see us working out at home together.

I have started and am dead set committed to my 100 push up program which also runs 6 weeks. I have a bike I like to get outside on for cardio so my program really came together tonight in this format I see.

3 Days per week – Kettle Bell Workout by KettleWorx

3 Days per week – The 100 Push Ups Training

3 Days per week – 20-30 min out on Bike

Obviously more days on the bike or sports with my kids are all extras and I will look for those opportunities for sure. In total this is not a HUGE time commitment but with proper eating and this mix of activities I am confident in reaching my 1st stage goals.  I will alternate the the Kettle Bell Days and the Push Up Training. The bike I will sprinkle in where I can…more than likely on Push-Up days. One day of total rest each week.

Bonus Insurance – If I go away and I will be this summer I can take the Kettle Bells and DVD with me…and of course Push-Up Training can be done anywhere. Bike can be replaced with a walk, jog or swim.

There are many times in the past where I would think about this and be all over the place with justifications and other ideas about how I need to be in a gym… the big difference this time around is I AM DOING THIS NO MATTER WHAT. So when “you know” that… it allows me to move on to making even more defining decisions that ultimately are helping me in other areas…which is my focus here. To affect all areas of my life not just get in shape physically.

So I Took ACTION. Wrote it down. Doing it. When you get clear and your vibration levels are high, you take massive action and get things done.

Kettle Bells