Goals - Goal Setting

Do You Have Goals Right Now?

DGoals Booko you have Goals right now? Are they actually written down, being tracked and reviewed in some form? Are you living the life you you want in the areas of fitness and nutrition? What about your dream job, more free time or living debt free?

Maybe one action is related to the other… denial is a slow time stealing inside-spiritual-killer. I know…I hit a wall a couple months ago in the “I’m Fat” dept, started this blog including a small goals section and in my office wrote down a list of goals in all the areas of my life from Relationship with my spouse and children to spiritual and career. I have looked at my goals daily, thought about them and began to become more disciplined through Mental Toughness on wanting to live this life I “wrote” down instead of the “middle of the road – I’ve given up – I’ll just wear black clothes and jogging pants” Life!

Today I am 20 pounds lighter physically and 100 pounds lighter mentally then 2 months ago ! Things are happening in all areas… some challenging and some seem so deserved. There is more available to me if I continue this path… Goal setting does work…try journals from the dollar store or splurge at Chapters for a nice one… just write something down ..even if it seems like a dream. Start the process. Heading towards the WEIGHT YOU WERE BORN TO BE will open up DOORS you haven’t looked through in years. GO FOR IT!

I used to listen to Zig Ziglar years ago while in sales and yes he sounds a little like a preacher, kinda funny but I love his message and delivery….

What is 1 Goal you have right now in your head that would be tops on your list? Why?

Sugars | No Sugar Diet

No Sugar Tonight!

SugarsBeing a small part of the fitness and health communities online either in blogs, facebook or twitter can help out for sure. I jumped on a small group challenge last week to keep sugar consumption to 15 grams per day. Interesting…what this did for me was had me look at everything to see of course how many grams of sugar I was taking in. Cream in my coffee which is on the “quit list” someday… actually has 1 gram of sugar per serving. I’ve been eating walnuts on my salads and a few handfuls of almonds per day. Something else unrelated to this challenge  I have been eating less meat… not even sure why but I started putting 2-3 eggs on top of my salad instead of chicken breast. I am not cutting it out…but down abit… kind of testing how I feel etc..

So how did I make out over a 7 day period with only 15 grams of sugar per day?

5 POUNDS CAME OFF instead of my usual 1.5-2 per week that I have been averaging for the past 6-7 weeks. Maybe the extra 3 pounds melted off because I stuck to this “low sugar” menu. I still did use a few sweeteners which happens to be this weeks challenge…which I am taking on of course.  Check out the Abs Expert on his Fan page here.

You have to take these little challenges on. You have to push yourself. Tell people what you are doing… put it out there ! It’s working for me… not perfect, but working and it feels great!

Excuses not to do things

Maybe You Are Just Making Excuses

It’s one thing to see someone else in denial that you love. You want to help them, fix them and make things better. What about you? What about leading by example. I’ve studied self development on and off for 20 years. My father was doing it for as long as I can remember. So I was lucky to pick up this habit. Plus moving into a career in Sales I was told I needed a positive attitude, I needed to set goals, repetition is the mother of skill they told me…. from Tony Robbins to Wayne Dyer and all kinds of others in-between… I immersed myself at times with these messages and teachers… and many situations were overcome with confidence that spilled over from this connection to these books, seminars and CD programs.

Well stopping that connection to those activities is like stopping going to the gym or eating properly… its a slow but steady slide back to negative thoughts and average behaviors. These last 4 weeks I jumped off the deep end into the pool of “Anythings Possible” again and it has been beyond refreshing.

For some people who struggle in life and don’t have the tools or were never even shown “the way” as I was it can be pretty tough unless they are vigilant in their search for “breakthroughs”. Now for myself, I know what works and have experienced success with coaching and mental toughness many times but somehow I got a little lost over the past 5-7 years. Knowing what to do and not doing it is almost insanity, major denial and living a life of excuses.

So I have a couple of CD programs I carry with me now from my home office to the car and I am listening non stop…. like a sponge, I am soaking it all in. I am speaking a different language now in my head and out loud. I am trying to help others as I help myself. There is something bigger here for me and I deserve it as do those around me. I’ve been goal setting and even dug out a Michael Jordan book that was bought for me like 4 years ago. Although I am not a sports nut…I do like most sports and recently with my son playing hockey and soccer I am taking on more interest and it feels good. This is the life I was meant to live.

Athletes like Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr I love to read about… their Drive, Commitment and Determination to succeed at winning or setting records in their field. wow! It makes me want to run and humbles me largely in the “effort dept”. I started watching Michael Jordan videos on youtube one night last week and got lost for 45 minutes. Why didn’t I watch him more when he played? I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… This is the type of motivation I like… it challenges me mentally. Makes me want to push and explore my limits/beliefs as a person in the areas of being an athlete, as a father, as a husband, brother and friend. At 40 I may not be going into professional sports anytime soon… but what is stopping me from putting the world-class efforts into the areas I listed in the previous sentence? What would my/your life look like if I/we practiced like Jordan and were as dedicated as Terry Fox to being in shape and and living life FULL OUT !!!!

cancelling gym membership

Make A Decision – Take Action Now

Cancel Gym MembershipOK I’ve made a decision. I am cancelling my gym membership. Does that make sense for someone that needs to get into shape? Yes for me it does. I started back at the Gym recently and my workout consists of 25-30 minutes of high rep, short rest machines/weights. I hit every muscle group and normally get a basic sweat on. I love weights. Always have.

Last night my wife and I did a 20 minute workout with Kettle Bells using the KettleWorx DVD system I bought a while back and never used. That workout compared to how I have felt coming out of the gym the last few visits is no comparison. The movement and pace of this Cardio DVD with even a 10lbs kettle bell took me to the wall…our basement is like 65 degrees and we were dripping sweat. We have a 106 inch Home Theater with 7.1 Sound…so the experience is like being live in the class.

This hands down is a better workout than what I was doing on my own at the Gym. The additional good side about this decision are that I do not have to drive to the gym for only 25 min (save time), opportunity to get in shape with my wife ( save ???? ) and no monthly fee of $55 or $600 for the year. (save money) – Final one – kids get to see us working out at home together.

I have started and am dead set committed to my 100 push up program which also runs 6 weeks. I have a bike I like to get outside on for cardio so my program really came together tonight in this format I see.

3 Days per week – Kettle Bell Workout by KettleWorx

3 Days per week – The 100 Push Ups Training

3 Days per week – 20-30 min out on Bike

Obviously more days on the bike or sports with my kids are all extras and I will look for those opportunities for sure. In total this is not a HUGE time commitment but with proper eating and this mix of activities I am confident in reaching my 1st stage goals.  I will alternate the the Kettle Bell Days and the Push Up Training. The bike I will sprinkle in where I can…more than likely on Push-Up days. One day of total rest each week.

Bonus Insurance – If I go away and I will be this summer I can take the Kettle Bells and DVD with me…and of course Push-Up Training can be done anywhere. Bike can be replaced with a walk, jog or swim.

There are many times in the past where I would think about this and be all over the place with justifications and other ideas about how I need to be in a gym… the big difference this time around is I AM DOING THIS NO MATTER WHAT. So when “you know” that… it allows me to move on to making even more defining decisions that ultimately are helping me in other areas…which is my focus here. To affect all areas of my life not just get in shape physically.

So I Took ACTION. Wrote it down. Doing it. When you get clear and your vibration levels are high, you take massive action and get things done.

Kettle Bells

100 push up challenge

100 Push Ups!

100 Push UpsI am going to do 100 push ups. The program says 6 weeks and I can do it so that what I am going to do. At this point I didn’t really give it much thought. I just made the “decision” to go for it. I can get through maybe 15-20 right now. I have to do the test first and I will see where I start. The iPhone App looks helpful and will post to twitter and facebook when I complete my session 3 times per week.

To make the commitment stronger I wrote it down as one of my fitness goals along with the companion fitness challenges of 200 Sit Ups and 200 Squats. I am still going to go to the gym and bike 4-5 days per week. This is an add-on.

If you are thinking of starting back into exercising than this might be good for you. 3 days a week only. No costs…well no money… it will take some determination.

Here is the iPhone App view

100 Push Ups iPhone App

set your goals

Set Goals and Hide Them

I just got a new projector installed in our home theater because of a “service problem” with the old one. Madagascar 2 never looked so good as I watched with my son. After he went to bed a big part of me wanted to go back down and watch some great HDTV, a movie… something. I was selling myself saying in my head I deserved a break and some relaxation would be good for me. But once again these “positive vibrations” had me arrive in my office… writing out some “to-do’s” on the white-board and ultimately sitting down and starting my 2009 taxes I have been putting off. My Personal overdue and my Business due in 2 weeks.

Goal SettingGoing through my piles of paper I came across a simple goal setting system I shared back in 2004 at a Sales Kick Off Meeting. In the envelope was some credit card size laminating pouches. The idea is simple and can be done quite quickly with these materials or just a piece of paper and an envelope. There was actually 1 goal card left & you can see it here on my folders.

One side has an image of a beautiful beach and on the other side is 5 lines to write on. At the top it says ” I AM COMMITTED TO THESE GOALS”… so with no hesitation I wrote down 5 goals in the present tense of course. Things like I EARN… I WEIGH… I GIVE… and I didn’t take an hour like I sometimes do. I wrote them and then took the card and slid it into this clear pouch and then trimmed around the edges so that it will fit into my wallet. Thats right… imagine carrying around the 5 Goals you are going after in your wallet? We place so much importance on wallet real estate for credit cards and bank cards…..  how about our dreams? If you don’t want to pick up the laminates at Staples or somewhere then write your goals down on a piece of paper…numbered from 1-5 or 1-10. Then put them inside an envelope, seal it and then file them away in your kitchen of home office… only to go back and look at them at the end of the year or in 12 months.

I did this once back in 1997 or sometime during a Brian Tracy seminar and was amazed at the end of the year when 6 of my 10 goals had happened or were very close to being real. I prefer the power of having them on me at all times. Then you can review them and share them for even more accountability.

The story behind this method is that your subconscious begins to go to work on your goals without you even knowing it. So yes there is hidden self talk happening in the back of your mind after you put your goals to paper. This is not a goal setting course that will take you hours or days and is one of the simplest ways to get in the  goal setting game. Take action right now.