What’s The Hidden Payoff?

I have entered into a online program called Ageless Abs by Scott Colby. Today Scott asked the group to answer these questions and share with our partners. Well… here you go.. you are all my partners.

“1. List 3 Things you want to change about your body.”

1. Lower overall Fat% with focus on taking off Belly Fat

2. Strengthen Core and improve Posture & lower back

3. Flexibility

“2. Why is this so important to you? What is your Reason?”

I can say what I want to my children, I can make promises to my wife and I can tell myself that grandkids are years and years away… the bottom line is my kids do what I do more now than ever. I can give them a life full of knowledge in the areas of fitness and healthy eating by getting honest with myself and my physical situation. With me 40 and them 6 & 8 years old this is the Time, it’s crucial right now in every way. In the core of my soul I want to live life more FULL OUT then I ever have before… take bigger chances and be the best I can be as a Husband, Father and Friend to people I come in contact with and I know it’s not possible in the physical shape I am in right now. I need, want and will do what it takes to get into the best shape of my life. Like a boat leaving waves behind its motor…I want to leave waves of inspiration as I walk through people’s lives. My biggest breakthrough’s are on the other side of this program and this mission I speak of. Family, Money, Faith, Fitness, Fun and more are all supposed to be impossible to balance well I am tired of that story… I am making a new one.

“3. IDENTIFY: List the habits or actions that have contributed to why your body is the way it is today.” (What are you doing right now that allows you to keep this body?)

a) Sleep – I do not sleep enough. Never have. Always been a night-owl – 5.5-6hrs is the norm. I am not sure what 8 hrs for 2-4 weeks would do for my system. This is an area I need to test and be open too!

b) Binge Eating – Taking feelings I am not sure what to do with and feeding the cravings with sugar and or bad carbs – I know what doesn’t go well inside my body and yet I sink into denial thinking tomorrow is the answer when I know or I am learning that being “present” , taking a deep breath and “thinking” can allow me to make a better decision. “One Day At A Time” and sometimes 10 minutes at a time as they say in the Recovery movement.

c) Fitness – Not taking fitness serious over the long term. Like air, water and shelter my body craves exercise. I always feel better after and yet have ignored the true benefits of the endorphins being released and that bonus of “feeling good” and of course most of all the spill over effect of attitude and positive energy.

d) Time Management – Food preparation. Eating fast and choosing a food out convenience instead of what’s right for my body. Making time for my workouts and getting creative with different ideas that will hold my interest.

“4. List 3 things you could do right now that will make a difference today.” (an action, no matter how small, that will bring you closer to your goal).

1. Sleep an extra hour tonight – (one night at a time)

2. Review my goals so when I go to bed I align thinking with my long term vision.

3. Take mini-workout – leave laptop and do 2-4 sets of push-ups

“5. List at least 2 things that you are giving up by not being more fit or having a body you can be happy in.”

1.- Avoiding situations and outings because of how I feel about my appearance.

2. BIG ONE – Not taking the serious JUMP as an entrepreneur in my business – still some lack in confidence, fear of failure – yes I do feel if I was physically fit, stronger and confident I would be closer to doing what deep down I am here to do.

“What is it costing you?”

1. True Health

2. More Stress, Patience.

3. Freedom – When I dive into what I love to do full time on my own there will be more balance and opportunity for the right amount of money versus time design. More time to be present for my wife and my children.

4. Being the Best Husband, Father, Brother, Friend…

5. Money – many ways, many thousands of dollars in my honest opinion.

(If you’re really ambitious and want some extra credit, try tackling this one as well: What do you gain by keeping things the way they are? What’s the hidden payoff?)

The hidden payoff is that I get to be/stay “middle class” that’s right.. a regular guy, driving the regular car, visiting family when I am not busy, 1 vacation a year, talk about old times instead of now time. I do not mean monetary middle class…. I mean I never really have to say I tried to live a WORLD CLASS LIFE everyday from the moment I woke up until I laid down at night. There is a layer of fat around my belly and core that is like a straight jacket… I know that underneath this jacket is the Life I Was Born To Live. My playing small and safe in this world is not serving my kids, family or God.