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Set Goals and Hide Them

I just got a new projector installed in our home theater because of a “service problem” with the old one. Madagascar 2 never looked so good as I watched with my son. After he went to bed a big part of me wanted to go back down and watch some great HDTV, a movie… something. I was selling myself saying in my head I deserved a break and some relaxation would be good for me. But once again these “positive vibrations” had me arrive in my office… writing out some “to-do’s” on the white-board and ultimately sitting down and starting my 2009 taxes I have been putting off. My Personal overdue and my Business due in 2 weeks.

Goal SettingGoing through my piles of paper I came across a simple goal setting system I shared back in 2004 at a Sales Kick Off Meeting. In the envelope was some credit card size laminating pouches. The idea is simple and can be done quite quickly with these materials or just a piece of paper and an envelope. There was actually 1 goal card left & you can see it here on my folders.

One side has an image of a beautiful beach and on the other side is 5 lines to write on. At the top it says ” I AM COMMITTED TO THESE GOALS”… so with no hesitation I wrote down 5 goals in the present tense of course. Things like I EARN… I WEIGH… I GIVE… and I didn’t take an hour like I sometimes do. I wrote them and then took the card and slid it into this clear pouch and then trimmed around the edges so that it will fit into my wallet. Thats right… imagine carrying around the 5 Goals you are going after in your wallet? We place so much importance on wallet real estate for credit cards and bank cards…..  how about our dreams? If you don’t want to pick up the laminates at Staples or somewhere then write your goals down on a piece of paper…numbered from 1-5 or 1-10. Then put them inside an envelope, seal it and then file them away in your kitchen of home office… only to go back and look at them at the end of the year or in 12 months.

I did this once back in 1997 or sometime during a Brian Tracy seminar and was amazed at the end of the year when 6 of my 10 goals had happened or were very close to being real. I prefer the power of having them on me at all times. Then you can review them and share them for even more accountability.

The story behind this method is that your subconscious begins to go to work on your goals without you even knowing it. So yes there is hidden self talk happening in the back of your mind after you put your goals to paper. This is not a goal setting course that will take you hours or days and is one of the simplest ways to get in the  goal setting game. Take action right now.

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