No Sugar Tonight!

SugarsBeing a small part of the fitness and health communities online either in blogs, facebook or twitter can help out for sure. I jumped on a small group challenge last week to keep sugar consumption to 15 grams per day. Interesting…what this did for me was had me look at everything to see of course how many grams of sugar I was taking in. Cream in my coffee which is on the “quit list” someday… actually has 1 gram of sugar per serving. I’ve been eating walnuts on my salads and a few handfuls of almonds per day. Something else unrelated to this challenge  I have been eating less meat… not even sure why but I started putting 2-3 eggs on top of my salad instead of chicken breast. I am not cutting it out…but down abit… kind of testing how I feel etc..

So how did I make out over a 7 day period with only 15 grams of sugar per day?

5 POUNDS CAME OFF instead of my usual 1.5-2 per week that I have been averaging for the past 6-7 weeks. Maybe the extra 3 pounds melted off because I stuck to this “low sugar” menu. I still did use a few sweeteners which happens to be this weeks challenge…which I am taking on of course.  Check out the Abs Expert on his Fan page here.

You have to take these little challenges on. You have to push yourself. Tell people what you are doing… put it out there ! It’s working for me… not perfect, but working and it feels great!

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