Motivationed Report for June 26-2010

GoalsThis past week consisted of me creating some structure and finding out what will work best for me in the areas of fitness and health. Although I did have some late night snacks and a few sweets my overall food intake was less for sure. That combined with my workouts have loosened up the clothing somewhat.

Unlike previous diets or fasting hail mary behavior I concentrated on less food, low carbs, salads and taking vitamins. So it was a breakthrough for me not to have had any binge eating and yet not fast for 4 days… it’s more like settling into a something stable and doing some testing… really being aware of how I feel after I eat a certain food or “thinking” about why I am going to the kitchen.

Weigh In221 lbs   Goal – 195

Activity This Week

  • 75 Min. of Kettle Bells – 3 days X 25 minute KettleWorx Workouts – GOAL MET
  • 208 Push Ups – 3 days of 100 Push-Ups Challenge – Week 1 – GOAL MET
  • 1 Bike Ride – 23 minutes medium pace – GOAL 3 Rides –
  • 1 Hour – On skates playing pick up Hockey with my son – Bonus

It’s Not Just About Weight Loss

“Noticing” the good things and accomplishments in other areas of my life help me keep the momentum going with working out and they tend to feed off of each other. I was challenged a few times and seem more prepared and focused on these goals I’d written down and started to burn them onto my mental chalkboard.

  • Brought on a new monthly client for my internet business
  • Had a inspiring moment with my daughter around goal setting and self talk
  • Worked out 2 times with my wife – A first in a long, long time
  • Was present while my son got his 1st assist in Soccer, got an assist with my son playing hockey on the ice and watched “Miracle On Ice” with him, an inspiring hockey movie about the USA vs RUSSIA game of 1980
  • Played Guitar Hero with my son watching him nail Steely Dan, Willie Nelson and Nirvana
  • Had a friend tell me he ran, worked out and hadn’t been active in 10 years because of reading this blog
  • Wrote out BIG GOALS on a white board in my office

It’s never too late to start.

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