I Never Want To Lose Their Inspiration…


My son and I headed out for our own little soccer practice the other day across the street. Not only did I get active  running around with the soccer ball but I began to show him what I thought would help him out at the game the next night.

At age 6 many of kids are not playing position yet of course and all crowding the ball… so I told him if he had a chance to”kick” the ball out & away from the group and then RUN.

RUN  Fast keeping the ball well ahead of  yourself I said. The next thing I told him was to GO HARD, GO FULL OUT… ..raising my voice….. Hearing myself tell my son to go “full out!” when I haven’t been doing it myself in my life these past number of years was powerful in it’s own right. Language makes a difference in many ways. You just need to “notice” it.

The next night he ran harder, played position better and got a couple of opportunities. Not bad for his second game and I let him know this about 3 different times after the game how proud I was of him for running so hard and pointed out some of his great moments.

Full Out Only

After the game my wife and daughter showed up after her final gymnastics class to tell me she had made the “Competitive” team without trying out. Her report card and comments from the coaches were that she is ready and they mentioned that “she comes to gymnastics every week in such a good mood…she is always smiling and works hard”. Another opportunity. So I tell my daughter how proud I am of her and point out that her “Positive Attitude” makes a difference for her coaches and all those around her. She knows this…. I’ve been telling her this for years. Now it’s time to show her.

So yes kids can be challenging and then there are these moments. I believe they should be pointed out. My kids are an inspiration. It’s all right there in front of me. It’s a mirror… what I see them doing. What they say. The way they carry themselves.  I accept  responsibility on how they are acting and progressing in life… as parents ..we are their coaches… embrace that fact and live FULL OUT for them so when you tell them to do the same… they know what your talking about.

I haven’t listened to this song in awhile… I ran into today like an old friend and decided to head over to ANIMOTO and throw in a bunch of photos I had access to quickly in with this inspiring song and this was the result…