Let’s Face it, starting a blog and hitting the Gym a few times is a nice start but there needs to be an all out assault on my internal thinking systems. I need some direction. A Plan. Along with a plan there needs to be GOALS!

So for accountability I will post here what my Goals are along with a high level look at my plan.


May 19 –   Lift Off

June 30 –  15 total pounds fat released

July 30     24 total pounds released

Aug 30   –  32 total pounds  released

Sept 30  –  40 total pounds released 

Oct 30  –  45 total pounds released – Maintenance 

Nov 30  –  50 total pounds released – Maintenance


Working behind a computer for a number of years has crept up on me so to get aggressive and stay active I am active 1-2 times per day. Usually a visit to the GYM and then between 3-6pm I will either get 20min on the TREADMILL or 20min on my BIKE . Really any combination of these 2 below is the ultimate goal. 7 days X 2 = 14 different activities altogether. LET’s GO !!

  • THE GYM  —–>   GOAL:   weights
  • Kettle Bells  —->   GOAL:   at home blaster 
  • TreadMill ——>   GOAL:   minimum or as an add-on
  • Biking Outside ->  GOAL:   mixing it up


  • 30 – Grams of Protein within 30 min. of Waking Up
  • 4 – Bottles of Water per day ( 2 litres )
  • 8 – No eating after 8 @ night, worst case have a protein shake
  • No Dairy, No Breads, No Sugar, Get Greens and Protein
  • Eat The Same Meals over and over – Be Prepared
  • Take My Supplements
  • Cheat Meals – 1-2 times per month
  • Use Isagenix, Read more Slow Carb Blogs and 4 Hour Body Blogs to find tweaks to help WIN !!!


In order to keep the momentum going for myself and any readers who drop in for a “pick-me-up” I believe that current posts are mandatory to uphold the authenticity and direction I am headed…. especially revolving around workouts and fitness challenges.

“If what you are doing is not moving you towards your goals, then it’s moving you away from your goals.” ~Brian Tracy