Dedication on Vacation

On the road and out of town for about 4 days I am sticking to my program. Sure I did some planning but most of all the drive to keep my goals of fitness in check are most important. Kettle Bells are easy to travel with so I threw a couple in the trunk along with 2 of my KettleWorx DVD’s and my trusty iPhone App for the 100 Push-ups Challenge of course was easy.

Golf on Vacation

Grandview Golf Club, Huntsville, ON

So yesterday I did my sets of push-ups for a total of 98 and this morning I did a Core KettleWorx session in the basement of my uncle’s house using my laptops DVD player. Then for some bonus activity I went golfing tonight for 9 holes. Tomorrow is push ups day again with some swimming in the pool here since they are calling for a super hot day.

Although I have had a few desserts I was able to make it through a dinner party with very low carb intake by not hanging around the food area. Over indulging in food and no workouts can equal coming home from even a short vacation a few pounds heavier and possibly feeling down. My goal was to keep the motivation flowing and the overall goals in check.

Today I was in the car for over an hour and stopped at a grocery store because the “chip wagons” were starting to look good and alone in the car was dangerous for me in the past. So at the grocery store stop I grabbed a small bag of nuts and some sardines. I actually grabbed a couple extras and some plastic forks thinking of future emergencies.

What have you done on vacation that worked for sticking close to your goals?

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