Dancing at Starbucks

Coffee BreakSo I am in Starbucks this morning and hear “Love Song” by The Cure… while standing in line. The line seem to take forever as I transported myself back to 1989 and remembered… what felt like just an overall feeling of being a teenager again and that era of music. Now comes the funny part. I’ve ordered my Tall  “Americano” and proceed a few feet over into another line waiting behind 3 other people for my morning blaster…. well I drift back into the song and all of a sudden I felt like dancing? You have to be kidding right? – I mean.. I borderline started to move my left leg? As I snapped out of this and tried not to laugh out loud… I realized that I was in a good mood.

So it’s one thing to have that “good feeling” and another to actually “notice” it’s happening. The past 10 days or so of positive movement has really taken hold of me, Tapped me on the shoulder and said “come on, your coming with me” … I’ve turned the corner and am ready to go for a long walk with my old friend motivation.

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