Jeff No Pizza in Class

Mr. Hand being Strict

Do you remember how strick Mr. Hand was with Jeff Spicolli in Fast Times At Ridgemount High? I’ve had my Spicolli days for sure and now that I am on this current Body Renovation I need to be strict!

My eating has been pretty good but last night I got into my kids “bear paws“.  Not good. Sure I had a light day on why finish with 2 packs of glorified cookie bars? I was up too late and had a weak moment. Not the end of the world you think…I know that its times like last night when you close out the day having eaten well, did your workout and stayed out of the kitchen after 7pm that good things happen. I looked at popcorn calorie stats the other day at home and realized they were for half the bag of microwaved popcorn. So it was over 500 calories and a bunch of carbs etc… and I said I want my GOALS more than I need this popcorn right now and put it back.

So you see I can swing both ways. Mental toughness and being strict when it’s time to can and will result in great things happening and that is what I deserve and desire. Nothing is getting in my way. The big winning move is to not start out the next morning or day with another cheat because you might have gone off track the night before. When we string together those behaviors a few days in a row… 3-5 pounds can jump back on board!

Watch what you reach for… I am. This is why the self motivation with audio programs, inspiring books and associating with other high energy people can make a difference for you when you find your “hand” reaching for the (whatever it shouldn’t)

These little “one offs”  where I/we sneak something in when we really shouldn’t can be the make or break your day, week or month. Take a l0ok at Brad Pilon’s latest video on “How Much food Fat People Eat” – little more in depth on the subject of heading beyond your tipping point for the day.