There comes a time, a moment when an admission happens within yourself. Mine has arrived. I have been living a “middle class” life for a number of years now. I am not talking monetary either… What I speak of is defined in a very direct in a motivational audio program by Steve Siebold that I started listening to on June 1, 2010. This has been my initial spring-board out of the den of laziness and clutch-hold of denial. Unfortunately I was drawn back out into the lazy life again, letting myself go deeper into mediocrity until recently when another jolt of lightening audio book got too me called The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone.

Maybe the timing was off in 2010? Yet another failed attempt in 2013. I don’t know. The Blog got dusty. Fear settled in…

Here in 2015… not willing to let depression sneak in the side-door, the 50+ pounds I’ve carried around is in trouble. One day at a time, 1lb at a time I am moving the lard off these premises. I am ready. I’ve made a “shift” in my thinking about who I am, where I come from and why I am here.

Being FAT is not my destiny, nor is living a life of  just  “being OK”. It’s painful enough to watch others around me accept this daily insanity over and over. I am sorry I ever joined your club…

I’m done.

This is my “Dear John” to the “old me”

I want to thank you for showing me what it’s like to live a life as a 50%er. Sure you had moments of some fun, being a good father, husband, brother and friend….but let’s face it. You have been cheating these people out of seeing the “extraordinary you”… a guy who could be referred to as an athlete, would win father awards if they had them, an amazing husband who gives more and an all out creative entrepreneur who’s balance of spirit, body and helping others to live a World Class life is sought after.

The hiding of the above, my true character has now come to an end. I am No Longer Scared of  Success nor what’s required to achieve what I deserve . I will do my best to help and bring along those want to join me on this path.

Good Bye Average.

Accountability and Responsibility. Huge words? Nothing to be scared of if your giving your all. Living Full Out. Doing the next right thing. Looking for others who need motivation themselves and making sure I do all I can to make their day better.

Here on I will document my climb out of the dungeons of mediocrity and share what it’s like to march up the steps of  World Class Living, bang on the Door and hand the butler my jacket!

Spring, 2015 – I am back, again and again. I will persist until I succeed.

FEBRUARY 25, 2014Day 1 Goal 66 Days of Getting up at 5am, working out, eating clean, writing goals, inspiring others while I hand out free tickets on this Inspiration Train called

APRIL 2O13 UPDATE: well I fell down again and deeper this time, putting on more weight and lowering motivation levels and any chance of being the BEST ME. I logged in and will update here as I try to break off the “Carbohydrate Chains” and attack my wheat belly and non-activeness.