Motivationed Report for June 26-2010

GoalsThis past week consisted of me creating some structure and finding out what will work best for me in the areas of fitness and health. Although I did have some late night snacks and a few sweets my overall food intake was less for sure. That combined with my workouts have loosened up the clothing somewhat.

Unlike previous diets or fasting hail mary behavior I concentrated on less food, low carbs, salads and taking vitamins. So it was a breakthrough for me not to have had any binge eating and yet not fast for 4 days… it’s more like settling into a something stable and doing some testing… really being aware of how I feel after I eat a certain food or “thinking” about why I am going to the kitchen.

Weigh In221 lbs   Goal – 195

Activity This Week

  • 75 Min. of Kettle Bells – 3 days X 25 minute KettleWorx Workouts – GOAL MET
  • 208 Push Ups – 3 days of 100 Push-Ups Challenge – Week 1 – GOAL MET
  • 1 Bike Ride – 23 minutes medium pace – GOAL 3 Rides –
  • 1 Hour – On skates playing pick up Hockey with my son – Bonus

It’s Not Just About Weight Loss

“Noticing” the good things and accomplishments in other areas of my life help me keep the momentum going with working out and they tend to feed off of each other. I was challenged a few times and seem more prepared and focused on these goals I’d written down and started to burn them onto my mental chalkboard.

  • Brought on a new monthly client for my internet business
  • Had a inspiring moment with my daughter around goal setting and self talk
  • Worked out 2 times with my wife – A first in a long, long time
  • Was present while my son got his 1st assist in Soccer, got an assist with my son playing hockey on the ice and watched “Miracle On Ice” with him, an inspiring hockey movie about the USA vs RUSSIA game of 1980
  • Played Guitar Hero with my son watching him nail Steely Dan, Willie Nelson and Nirvana
  • Had a friend tell me he ran, worked out and hadn’t been active in 10 years because of reading this blog
  • Wrote out BIG GOALS on a white board in my office

It’s never too late to start.

cancelling gym membership

Make A Decision – Take Action Now

Cancel Gym MembershipOK I’ve made a decision. I am cancelling my gym membership. Does that make sense for someone that needs to get into shape? Yes for me it does. I started back at the Gym recently and my workout consists of 25-30 minutes of high rep, short rest machines/weights. I hit every muscle group and normally get a basic sweat on. I love weights. Always have.

Last night my wife and I did a 20 minute workout with Kettle Bells using the KettleWorx DVD system I bought a while back and never used. That workout compared to how I have felt coming out of the gym the last few visits is no comparison. The movement and pace of this Cardio DVD with even a 10lbs kettle bell took me to the wall…our basement is like 65 degrees and we were dripping sweat. We have a 106 inch Home Theater with 7.1 Sound…so the experience is like being live in the class.

This hands down is a better workout than what I was doing on my own at the Gym. The additional good side about this decision are that I do not have to drive to the gym for only 25 min (save time), opportunity to get in shape with my wife ( save ???? ) and no monthly fee of $55 or $600 for the year. (save money) – Final one – kids get to see us working out at home together.

I have started and am dead set committed to my 100 push up program which also runs 6 weeks. I have a bike I like to get outside on for cardio so my program really came together tonight in this format I see.

3 Days per week – Kettle Bell Workout by KettleWorx

3 Days per week – The 100 Push Ups Training

3 Days per week – 20-30 min out on Bike

Obviously more days on the bike or sports with my kids are all extras and I will look for those opportunities for sure. In total this is not a HUGE time commitment but with proper eating and this mix of activities I am confident in reaching my 1st stage goals.  I will alternate the the Kettle Bell Days and the Push Up Training. The bike I will sprinkle in where I can…more than likely on Push-Up days. One day of total rest each week.

Bonus Insurance – If I go away and I will be this summer I can take the Kettle Bells and DVD with me…and of course Push-Up Training can be done anywhere. Bike can be replaced with a walk, jog or swim.

There are many times in the past where I would think about this and be all over the place with justifications and other ideas about how I need to be in a gym… the big difference this time around is I AM DOING THIS NO MATTER WHAT. So when “you know” that… it allows me to move on to making even more defining decisions that ultimately are helping me in other areas…which is my focus here. To affect all areas of my life not just get in shape physically.

So I Took ACTION. Wrote it down. Doing it. When you get clear and your vibration levels are high, you take massive action and get things done.

Kettle Bells

My Daughter, The Unstoppable!

Today has been another day where I went beyond where I expected to be with fitness and ended off with a special opportunity for me to share some positive talk with my 8 year old daughter.

Kettleworx DVDMy son and I went to the basement to do our Day 2 of the 100 Push Ups Challenge. He logs us in on my iPhone App and we ended up at 68 total push ups after 5 sets. Now my wife had asked if I would join her for a “Kettle Bell” workout. I said sure since we have the (dusty) “KettleWorx” DVD set and figured some weights would be good. Even the kids joined in a little but soon got tired. Both my wife and I were hanging on for dear life towards the end… What a sweat. Kettleworx is a 6 week program and it appears my wife wants to go at it …so this is yet another chance to get a different type of exercise in the mix for me. Of course working with someone else always adds that extra drive/accountability too.

After this was over and the kids were sent to bed my daughter came back downstairs to ask if she could talk to me about something…she was upset. She told me some girls were bullying her or more like not including her for a portion of their school trip. This has gone on before of course at her age various friends trade secrets & friendships on a weekly basis. So I brought her close to me and asked her if she scored good marks in school? Yes she said…then I asked her if she was good at Piano, Gymnastics and listened to her parents (usually) and she said yes again.. I continued to point out her many strong points and that we (her family) were her friends. These girls just chose to do this to her just for today…I also mentioned that being alone was okay sometimes, that she didn’t always have to have a girlfriend beside her. I ended off by asking her what they could have possibly been talking about if she was good at so many things, had us as her friends and was a confident 8 year old girl?  She just looked straight ahead…I followed that up with “it doesn’t really matter”

Unstoppable Me - Wayne Dyer - Childrens Book

After this… I was almost blown away when she asked if we could make a little “CARD” for her to carry around that she could write on that she was Unstoppable ! I guess I must have mentioned something in passing about my Goal setting card I had made up I am not sure. I know where she got the Unstoppable…it is from a Wayne Dyer book written for kids called Unstoppable Me!: 10 Ways to Soar Through Life We have this book and the others he has done for children. I even have this book as an APP on my iPhone.

So since I just did goal setting the other night for myself on one of these cards I brought my daughter to up to my office and we read over some parts of the book to help her get an idea what she would write on her card before I laminated it. It was pretty cool to see her mood and demeanor transform right there while “creativity” happened. A tool for her to use or maybe this was just her first lesson in “self talk” and positive programming?

This same path in which my father introduced me to, started with an introduction to the Godfather of Motivation… Dr. Wayne Dyer. This didn’t happen until I was about 20…but boy his books have changed my life forever. My daughter picked something out of the children’s book and then asked what “persistance” was since it was one of the chapters. I showed her this blog and explained that just last night I wrote about Persisting. I gave her an example of herself doing this and here is what she came up with for her carry around positive card.

The Unstoppable Me!

My 8 Year Old Daughter’s Goal Card


I Will Persist Until I Succeed!

I Will Persist Until I Succeed….It’s actually pretty powerful just to type those words. Say it out-loud..“I Will Persist Until I Succeed”.


My inner drive is very high right now as I type this for a number of reasons. The consistent daily audio feed of this CD Program over and over is “re-programming” my thinking patterns.  What they talk about is visualization training and altering the language being used.

Let’s be real…my previous sloth type behavior, eating late at night for no reason and avoiding things that need to be done is still trying to hang on…so bad, although it’s not doing well. My positive self talk, the sharing with others about my new path/mission, this blog and the goals I’ve written and taken action on are flooding over my old patterns. What I mean is that I am saying and thinking these “thoughts” so much now that I am starting to believe them…and “belief” causes action.

This seems to be working each day. In less than 21 days I have re-programmed my thinking in many areas and it has already started to flow to some people in my circle. We’re not talking miracles yet… but the old “positive attitude muscles” are coming back. They… (Determination and Persistence) were in serious hibernation and seem more than happy to come out and play this game.

Wayne Dyer used to say “Banish the Doubt”  The doubt of what we are truly capable of. Most of us never realize the power that we have accessWayne Dyer to if we are open to it. I have had this story that “balancing family, relationships, business, weight and more is tough” Is it? Really? How hard have I really tried and how much dedication have I put into each of these areas? Have I read all the books I can on each subject? Taken courses? Sought help and coaching in every area? WHY NOT. It is all available if I want to… isn’t it? Doubt and Fear are present for sure…but so is “Greatness” I have a choice. Is that not what I should be teaching my children? Then surely I can try!

Greatest Secret In The WorldI remember reading a book my father gave me by Og Mandino called “The Greatest Secret In The World”. There are 10 scrolls inside the book that are to be read for 30 days each, 3 times per day. The words chosen in these scrolls are so powerful to read. Here are a couple of my favourite parts from the scroll marked III

I will persist until I succeed.

I was not delivered unto this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep. I will hear not those who weep and complain, for their disease is contagious. Let them join the sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny.”

Imagine reading this in the morning when you wake up, then another blast after lunch and finally reading it out loud before you fall asleep?

I will never consider defeat and I will remove from my vocabulary such words and phrases as quit, cannot, unable, impossible, out of the question, improbable, failure, unworkable, hopeless, and retreat; for they are the words of fools. I will avoid despair but if this disease of the mind should infect me then I will work on in despair. I will toil and I will endure. I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head, for I know that where dry desert ends, green grass grows.

I will persist until I succeed.”

If you want to read the entire scroll 3 online go here and here is the book on Google Books

I am definitely going to be revisiting my audio version of these scrolls for sure. The power of programming habits with these scrolls is hardcore and can turn someone’s life around if they “go for it” . I will also be coming back to other scrolls as their “theme” applies to my actions, missions and goals on this journey.

Today was a great day. I helped someone, did a 25 minute bike ride, ate good foods and I am about to write some goals in BIG FORMAT in my office before I go to bed. Tomorrow is Day 2 on my 100 Push Ups Challenge.

100 push up challenge

100 Push Ups!

100 Push UpsI am going to do 100 push ups. The program says 6 weeks and I can do it so that what I am going to do. At this point I didn’t really give it much thought. I just made the “decision” to go for it. I can get through maybe 15-20 right now. I have to do the test first and I will see where I start. The iPhone App looks helpful and will post to twitter and facebook when I complete my session 3 times per week.

To make the commitment stronger I wrote it down as one of my fitness goals along with the companion fitness challenges of 200 Sit Ups and 200 Squats. I am still going to go to the gym and bike 4-5 days per week. This is an add-on.

If you are thinking of starting back into exercising than this might be good for you. 3 days a week only. No costs…well no money… it will take some determination.

Here is the iPhone App view

100 Push Ups iPhone App

set your goals

Set Goals and Hide Them

I just got a new projector installed in our home theater because of a “service problem” with the old one. Madagascar 2 never looked so good as I watched with my son. After he went to bed a big part of me wanted to go back down and watch some great HDTV, a movie… something. I was selling myself saying in my head I deserved a break and some relaxation would be good for me. But once again these “positive vibrations” had me arrive in my office… writing out some “to-do’s” on the white-board and ultimately sitting down and starting my 2009 taxes I have been putting off. My Personal overdue and my Business due in 2 weeks.

Goal SettingGoing through my piles of paper I came across a simple goal setting system I shared back in 2004 at a Sales Kick Off Meeting. In the envelope was some credit card size laminating pouches. The idea is simple and can be done quite quickly with these materials or just a piece of paper and an envelope. There was actually 1 goal card left & you can see it here on my folders.

One side has an image of a beautiful beach and on the other side is 5 lines to write on. At the top it says ” I AM COMMITTED TO THESE GOALS”… so with no hesitation I wrote down 5 goals in the present tense of course. Things like I EARN… I WEIGH… I GIVE… and I didn’t take an hour like I sometimes do. I wrote them and then took the card and slid it into this clear pouch and then trimmed around the edges so that it will fit into my wallet. Thats right… imagine carrying around the 5 Goals you are going after in your wallet? We place so much importance on wallet real estate for credit cards and bank cards…..  how about our dreams? If you don’t want to pick up the laminates at Staples or somewhere then write your goals down on a piece of paper…numbered from 1-5 or 1-10. Then put them inside an envelope, seal it and then file them away in your kitchen of home office… only to go back and look at them at the end of the year or in 12 months.

I did this once back in 1997 or sometime during a Brian Tracy seminar and was amazed at the end of the year when 6 of my 10 goals had happened or were very close to being real. I prefer the power of having them on me at all times. Then you can review them and share them for even more accountability.

The story behind this method is that your subconscious begins to go to work on your goals without you even knowing it. So yes there is hidden self talk happening in the back of your mind after you put your goals to paper. This is not a goal setting course that will take you hours or days and is one of the simplest ways to get in the  goal setting game. Take action right now.

Thinking Positive as an Attitude Abstract Concept

How to Kick Start Positive Self Talk

The voice or committee inside your head can really steer the ship into crazy waters sometimes. Anytime I allow thoughts of how many things I have to do, which payments are coming out of my bank account and 15 other things from my kids to work… Anxiety starts to flow into my bloodstream. Now this can go on for days, weeks, months and years… if you allow it to. Medication? Not for me… seems like a band-aid solution.

So how do we inject the positive self talk?

1. Time Management is one foot out of the “negative quicksand”. I took a course years ago along with various other books and ideas on getting the LIST out of your head and on to paper. Evenings are the best times for this purging. Take out a day-timer, journal or grab a sheet from the printer and start to write down all of your TO-DO List. Make a business list and a personal list. Set the list out for tomorrow and this will allow for the rest of your evening to be more clear and you will feel better. The voices do get quieter.

Get Tough !2. Book or Audio Book – What goes in must come out right? Put down the People Magazine or Newspaper and get something inspirational in your hands/ears. I started this audio program two weeks ago called “177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class“. It’s turned my head upside down in so many ways for the better. WOW. I am eating better, made it to the gym, lost a couple of pounds, started this blog, wrote down some goals and my step out the door in the morning is much more enjoyable.

Listening to this program everyday has challenged the “winner” inside of me to wake up, get out of bed and get into the drivers seat… bumping out the “old me” who was basically dying. My positive self-talk is gaining momentum and it is spilling out into other areas of my life that is in need of a renovation.

Dancing at Starbucks

Coffee BreakSo I am in Starbucks this morning and hear “Love Song” by The Cure… while standing in line. The line seem to take forever as I transported myself back to 1989 and remembered… what felt like just an overall feeling of being a teenager again and that era of music. Now comes the funny part. I’ve ordered my Tall  “Americano” and proceed a few feet over into another line waiting behind 3 other people for my morning blaster…. well I drift back into the song and all of a sudden I felt like dancing? You have to be kidding right? – I mean.. I borderline started to move my left leg? As I snapped out of this and tried not to laugh out loud… I realized that I was in a good mood.

So it’s one thing to have that “good feeling” and another to actually “notice” it’s happening. The past 10 days or so of positive movement has really taken hold of me, Tapped me on the shoulder and said “come on, your coming with me” … I’ve turned the corner and am ready to go for a long walk with my old friend motivation.